True north in Geo-location

Hi, I also mostly work with survey data that is written to Sketchup through FME translator. In this case the TrueNorth angle is needed to be applied to the written sketchup model for relevant terrain cutout area to match the 3DCityModel of Stockholm.

Looking at other 3D software programs e.i. 3dsMax, I’m just spawning ideas of how most of them do not work with geo-located coordinates, as the purpose is mostly to model object based models (charachters, assets, details etc.). So you have to world coordinate origo that every object relate to and then you can set local coordinate to each object’s orientation in 3dsMax. Same as 3dsMax, you can model object based models in Sketchup as well and then you’re probably well with GridNorth.

If I understand it right, TrueNorth in Sketchup is also for getting accurate shadow analysis for geo-location all around the world?
So depending on model purpose in Sketchup, maybe it would be good to have a switch button between GridNorth vs. TrueNorth?

I found this discussion link pretty interesting too for north angle in sketchup: