Trouble with intersecting faces

Hello buddies, I need the water level that goes to the water fall, to go up to be on the same level as them, Im trying to cut out only the part of the water that I need to go up, to push pull upward but its not working, when I intersect with model or context nothing happens… I check it up if the problem was with the montains that may be not intersecting the water, but they are all intersecting…I need to intersect it otherwise the other area of the water (that is not in the picture) will go up too. Iam sharing the model to help.

which of this options would be more apropriate for this case?

On the right is a copy of the low water area after running Intersect Faces>With Model. There are a lot of places where there are no faces to intersect with that face so you won’t get the required division of the face into smaller faces.Either you need to create more faces for the Intersection or just manually draw in edges to make it work.

You also have a lot of reversed faces to fix. As you’ve been advised numerous times in the past, you should be making sure the geometry is correct before you add textures.

You’re still using tags incorrectly which also doesn’t help.
Screenshot - 1_13_2022 , 8_58_34 AM

And you should be purging unused stuff from your file.
Screenshot - 1_13_2022 , 8_59_25 AM

You also have quite a lot of ungrouped edges and faces using tags, which suggests you may be assuming that this prevents them from interacting with edges and faces using other tags - which is false! Only groups, component instances, and non-geometric objects such as dimensions should use tags. This is likely to contribute to your problem because it may confuse you as to what context will receive the new edges created by Intersect Faces With…

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yes, I deleted a lot of stuff to make the file smaller so I could send it here, and forgot to purge it.
About the intersections, I drawed the lines where it was missing but it didnt work

Did you open the groups all the way to the faces before drawing in those edges? Do the edges close a loop? Are they all on the same plane? Here I’ve burrowed in to the level of the faces and edges in that group and drawn a shape on it that divides the face into two regions. Then used Push/Pull to put that inner face up.