Tropical sunset + interiors, Corona render, Skatter




I had a great opportunity to test Corona for SketchUp beta with Skatter. Here are some images from my tests in the past few days.


Oh wow! I’ve been following Corona since their debut in 2015. They’ve promised to release a SketchUp plugin in 2017. Great renderings! :thumbsup: How fast is the rendering engine? And do you render right inside SketchUp like V-Ray, or do you have to export your model to a separate file?


It works directly inside SketchUp. Very easy setup.
A decent looking interior shot at 1500px requires 1-2h rendering
The exterior at 3000px width took almost 10h to render on a i7-5820K CPU @ 3.3Ghz and 32GB RAM.


:flushed: Er… what? 10 hours??? Are you talking about the last rendering you’ve uploaded? That’s WAY too much. V-Ray would’ve done that in 2 hours max, with your machine. I’m wondering if it’s because of the beta version.


Yes, only for the last render.

This is how the render looked at around 2h mark. Probably could have ended at 3h and removed some of the noise in post.Was not in a rush, so left it to render for the night.


An important question I forgot to ask. Is Corona biased or un-biased? Meaning, does it keep rendering infinitely, until you stop it or is it more like V-Ray where the buckets render the scene and produce a final product?


Ir renders infinitely. That’s why I was able to already start working on PP at the 2h mark and just substituted the renders at the end.


AHA! So Corona is a biased renderer. That’s strange because if I remember correctly a couple of years ago I’ve read in their articles that they offered both biased and unbiased rendering. Well, nothing is certain until the final version comes up. Still, great work @Speaker.