Trimble Connect Parent/Child/Grandchild References

Hi everyone,

I was doing some testing and it looks like Trimble connect only allows reference models up to one level for parent/child; ie. not grandchild. Is this correct?

In my project I have a site model (parent) which has three buildings (child). In each building I usually divide the model up into several files (grandchild), one for each discipline [structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical…].

For one modeller it’s easy to work at the child level and do all disciplines but I’m trying to get other designers involved and I want to separate the building models (child) to the grandchild level so that each discipline can only see/work on their own discipline but bring in other disciplines (grandchildren) as references.

I was hoping to use Trimble Connect. Unfortunately it seems that “Import a model as reference” only goes one level deep so when I import a building model into the site model as a reference it doesn’t bring in any of the discipline models (grandchildren).

Does anyone know of a way to load a child into a parent model and have all the grandchild already exist in the child model? I know I can load the grandchildren into the parent model but for a site with three buildings, it means that I have to load 3 children + 4 grandchildren per child model = 15 references.

Curious how other people deal with x-refs n’ stuff.

Thanks, Keenan.