Transparent sidebands


Hi, I’m new on this forum/community.
I have a problem. I have activated 2 trasparent sidebands on Sketchup.
I do not know how to take away.
How to remove its?
Here an image: ttp://


I’m guessing you have set a specific camera.
Go to Tools/Advanced Camera Settings and hit Reset Camera.


Have you installed some Renderer, some of them mark the render area this way…


Check on the top bar, just above the workspace and below the toolbars, is there a tab saying something about a camera, if so right click on it and select delete to remove it.


Wasnt Sketchup Camera, but Maxwell render camera.
Maxwell / scene manager / camera / output resolution ( changed from viewport to custom).

Effectively, now i remember that i have changed output resolution on render settings.

Thanks to all.