Transmutr.. SU pro v render program import?

Hi. Quick question before (possibly) purchasing Transmutr, if I use Transmutr to download an asset into SU Pro & apply all maps etc, will it render in my render program (D5 Render) in EXACTLY the same quality as if I’d imported directly into render program? I much prefer the sketchup option as placement much easier & also have dimensions etc.


You could ask them directly in their forum, they are quite responsive :

Good idea! Would still like feedback fro a SU user if anyone has any. Thanks.

For D5 , Transmutr will mainly deal with the geometry conversion, you will probably find that you will still need to reapply all of the texture maps inside of D5 afterwards, as SketchUp can’t store those and thus can’t pass their location across to D5. Also D5 stores those maps in every project in its own format, I don’t think you can link it to a fixed storage location (which is how transmutre writes the maps to SKP)

Many thanks for that info.

I use Transmutr all the time and as you can see in the materials section at the bottom, it’s optimized for V-Ray, Enscape and Thea.