Transition nearly complete


So, after much research and reading various reviews, and help on this forum, my transition from Apple is more or less complete, for work.

First stage was selling the iMac and replacing with a Desktop, which, touch wood, I am very pleased with. With two monitors, I find working to be more efficient. The final step was selling the MacBook Pro and replacing with the Razer Blade 15 with OLED Screen. Again, so far very pleased. I went for that one as it gets very good reviews, the spec seems decent, and it does not look too ‘gamey’ and flashy, for taking into meetings. Seems to be a solid aluminium case too.

The odd quirk with Layout to contend with, (exporting to PDF failing with Clipping Masks which I’m hoping gets fixed for the next version), but Layout does seem to run quicker on Windows than on my Apple stuff.

Final stage of updating is to install Lumion over the next couple of months, then I can see what the 2080ti is like in the Desktop.

It’s nice to have the upgrade options now available with the new machines. The Laptop came with 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD, but the fact that I can upgrade the RAM and add another M2 SSD is really nice to know.

Still getting up to speed with Windows as the last time I used it fully was about 15 years ago. Seems a lot better than it was then.


You should certainly reach warp speed with that desktop!


Oh well, 4 days in and the Razer Blade is being returned. Defective screen. Replacement being chased.

I wish these Tech companies would actually check products before they leave the factory.

Same problem with a tablet/e-reader screen in the summer. I also wonder how many electronic devices are broken by the delivery companies. Mine had a “handle with care” sticker on the package but it didn’t look like the carrier had observed it.

It’s the annoying process of getting a replacement. I asked if the company collecting it could bring the replacement with them, but no. I’ve got to wait until next week to get the replacement. I’ve also made it very clear to them that the replacement needs to be a brand new unopened product and NOT a refurbished one.

They’re not that far from me, so I may ask if I can collect it on Monday. Saves it being thrown around by the courier.