Training for Trimble Vision workflow into SketchUp

Trimble (SketchUp’s parent company) introduced a kind of super-camera called the V10 Imaging Rover. The V10 captures and compiles images of large objects like buildings or bridges, then tags those site photographs with precise locations and orientations. Trimble Vision Total Stations also collect this kind of imagery, so here in Colorado we started wondering how geospatial professionals might use this location-aware data to create 3D models in SketchUp.

So, we are happy to announce that the latest versions of SketchUp Pro and Trimble Business Center now work together to export images and camera poses for direct use with SketchUp’s Match Photo tool. Check out these links which will train you on the Trimble Vision workflow into SketchUp:

1. YouTube Video: Trimble Vision Export and Modelling in SketchUp

2. Blog Post: Using Trimble Vision images to create SketchUp models

A bird’s eye view of Trimble Vision images imported into SketchUp along with the resulting 3D model.

3. SketchUp Knowledge Center Article: SketchUp Image Igloo View: Navigating between scenes

4. SketchUp Knowledge Center Article: SketchUp Photo Point Tool

5. SketchUp Knowledge Center Article: Getting Started with Modeling from Trimble Vision Imagery