Tooltip display

Hi. I need to take screenshots with inference tooltips (From Point etc) displayed, but they disappear after ca 3-5 seconds. Is there a way to keep them displayed longer?

hmmm no.
while the tool tooltips remain as long as you hover them, the drawing ones you describe don’t. and starting the screenshot tool will make them go away since you’re pressing on cmd and shift, and SU reacts to that.

The workaround I’ve used in the paste is to make a video capture. then open the video capture and pause / screen that.
(cmd+shift+5 lets you choose between image or video capture)

here is the video. you can see the tooltip appearing and going away.
and from this video I can screenshot whatever I need

Capture d’écran 2024-04-15 à 10.14.33

I do that from time to time when I need to document a step-by-step thing. I’ll do it in one go, record it, and then screenshot the different step as I write the tutorial.

edit : also this way you get the cursor.