To Buy or Not to Buy a New M1 Macbook Pro

Hello everyone, Marco here, hope this reaches a healthy and safe forum.

I am presently using a very good MacBook Pro and experiencing slow performance with SketchUp. I know why; it’s because our company have large product blocks that have lots of detail and ramp up the Edges and Faces to 4m plus, and pile on the MBs up to 600+. However, I can’t use smaller blocks as I am designing the interiors for where they will be displayed.

The big question is do I buy the latest 16” M1 Max MacBook? Is the performance significantly better than the 2019 16”, 2.4GHz 8 core Intel i9, with 64GB 2667 MHz DDR4 memory and a AMD Radeon Pro 5500m 8 GB graphics card and 2T of storage?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

I would guess that the new model might perform slightly better with your models, but that it wouldn’t solve your bloated model problem.