Tips & Tricks Using a Tablet


I want to become proficient using Sketch up on a tablet. Two tips I learned are to use the onscreen
keyboard and make sure a long-click equates to a right-click.

My long-click equals my right-click, so that part works. But my on-screen keyboard is obnoxiously large. I have Windows 10, so I cannot configure the keyboard to only show the keys I need.

Does anybody know of a better on-screen keyboard I can download? Or better yet, a tool-set specifically to enhance one’s ability to use shortcut-ridden software on a tablet?


I’d look for a physical keyboard (a bluetooth one)
Sorry to say this but I don’t think proficient and tablet can be placed on the same sentence.


There are quite a few downloadable keyboards around, I use this one.
About 90% of my work is done on a tablet.


Box knows how to use SketchUP so much better than I do, I guess if he does it means it’s possible, so forget what I said about you cannot do proficient work on a tablet without a phsycial keyboard.

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