Tippmann TiPx Stock Design


Hi Guys,

Does anyone have a model for a Tippmann Tipx Stock? I’d like to 3D print one, however I’m not that good with sketchup. If anyone has one or is willing to design one for me that would be great.





If so, if it is modelled correctly, you could delete the parts you do not wish to print.


I need someone to build a custom made stock for the paintball marker in the picture. This would be a modification to the original which has been modelled above


Like this one but I want to 3D Print it so it will be cheaper


That isn’t at all like what @DanRathbun found!

That stock doesn’t look like it would be terribly difficult to model in SketchUp, but more info would be needed than can be obtained from that one photo.

Aside from creating a model, that stock looks big enough that you will need to find a rather large capacity 3D printer to create it, and it might cost more than you expect due to the quantity of material and time needed.


Actually, Steve it is. Look more closely, and you’ll see it is the basic model under all that costume.

A barrel extension, a lefthand grip hanging from the bottom forward rail, a textured wrap around the pistol grip, and a U-wrapper around the top that adds forward siderails and two top rails. The buttstock is bolted to this top wrapper assembly.


I guess you are right - though there appears to be more costume than core! Your last point is crucial: the buttstock does look like it bolts to the top wrapper, so details of the attachment point on that wrapper will be necessary to model the front end of the stock.


The problem is that the company no longer makes these kits due to not having the materials used before. So I have only images from Google to go off of. I’m in the dark as much as yourselves.

Even if the stock doesn’t look like the one above I just want an attachment that allows me to use the Tipx like an SMG.

I just searched ‘TipX Sarge Kit’ into Google. If it could look similar to this that would be great.

Also the 3D Printer size and cost are of no problem for me. I have practically unlimited resources.


@slbaumgartner and @DanRathbun, I am willing to offer payment for any designs that I can 3D Print and actually work.


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I myself do not do this kind of work.

Have you inspected the 3D Warehouse model to see if it is accurate ? IF, not and it’s used to model the accessories, they would not fit.


Yes this model is not 100% accurate