Rotating attached geometry

First of all, thanks to all who have answered so many of my questions in the last 22 hours. it has been much appreciated.

Here is a photo of a cap i made for my high pressure air tank for my paintball gun. this allows me to use my air tank as a buttstock.

Here is the website that shows an actual product

Ok, so here is my question. For comfort, i would like to have the shoulder “fins” be rotated at a small angle of 8.0*. this will allow them to “hug” me shoulder a we bit more when playing. Since i am new to this whole SU business and 3d printing, i pretty much just drew a circle, offset it, extruded it, then drew some lines from the extruded cylnder portion and called it good.

Is it possible to rotate the triangluar fin portions with out dmaming the rest of the geometry? or is it best to create each fin seperate and move them into place. Basically make 3 parts; the tube, small fin and large fin.


When i say rotate, i mean rotate along X axis so that they point back 8.0* towards the rear of the end cap. If that makes sense:) thanks

If all the geometry is attached, I think it would be easier to redraw the thing than to rotate the fins. If you attempt to rotate them you’ll wind up distorting other geometry that you don’t want distorted. That’ll most likely take more time to repair than starting from scratch.

Could you share the SKP file?

Instead of restarting just group then copy the entire model and paste in place twice so you have 3 identical models. Then go into each one and delete what you don’t need. It will save you a few extra minutes.

for sure i will share the file. Is my thinking correct though about creating 3 parts and then just moving them to where they need to be? or is it going to take more parts?

thanks13 ci end cap.skp (101.4 KB)

Do you want to look at it together?

There’s some other thing that need fixing before it’ll be printable and the model really is very simple so redrawing it will be easy enough.

Generally I fond it easier to draw the stuff where it needs to be instead of trying to move it afterward. I redrew the part–the one in the foreground with the tabs 8° off the center line but otherwise using your dimensions. Once the shape was complete I made it a component and it was solid without need for any fixing.

Note in the section view of yours. the bottom of the hole is a single face. Faces have no thickness so that would be unprintable. There are also internal faces which along with the bottom of the cap prevent the thing from being solid and printable.

How much pressure does this cap have to withstand? I wonder if it wouldn’t be wise to dome the inside of it.

I suppose there should be a fillet on the outside, too.

Dave, would you be willing to make a video on how you created my part,
including the solid internal face, the fillits, and the rotation of the
tabs? I mean seriously, i am completly new to this program and a full video
of you making my part from scratch would be amazing. This way i could learn

As for pressure, none. It just goes on the outside of the tank so i can
rest it in my shoulder. Ah, now i see what you mean… pressure from my
shoulder. Just a few pounds if that. The tank is very small 3000psi tank.
Maybe weighs in at 1lb. Even when full. Its a 13 cubic inch tank.

So is your drawing all one part or is it seperate? Im still trying to
understand the best way to approch a drawing:) thanks again

If I can find some time, I’ll make a video. The tabs in your model are different sizes. Are they supposed to be the same size?

No. I meant gas pressure but this kind of part wouldn’t be suitable for 3000 psi. So this just goes over the bottom end of the cylinder? What is the diameter of the cylinder? When I drew it for the screens shots I picked dimensions off your model but I realize they may not be correct.

Up until I drew the exterior fillets It was all drawn as a single part so I never had any internal faces to clean up as your model has. The fillets and the radius on the inside were afterthoughts, though. If you want the fillets I would use a different way to draw the entire thing that would include the fillets from the beginning.

The tank is a 2 inch diameter tank:) the tabs are different sizes. The dims
on my SU state the the cylinder is a 2 inch diameter. I do not need
fillits, its not mandatory:) im just wanting to learn how you drew that
part because i thought i was on the riht track with drawing haha

I made one. I’ll send you a link by PM as soon as it is uploaded.

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