Time spent on Sketchup File


Is it possible to extract the total time spent on a sketchup file or layout file? This would be invaluable to architectural firms. Thank you in advance for any comments.
Simone du Boise, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP


Have you looked at Fredo’s SUClock?


First, thank you for your reply! I have SUclock and am using it but I can’t get it to work on old files. I’m trying to determine hrs spent on older files and am hopeful that the data can be extracted. AutoCad and Microstation had that ability at one time. i’m hopeful it can be extracted from a sketchup file. I appreciate any advice.


If you weren’t recording the time spent while the model was being worked on, I think you’ll have to just estimate the time. I don’t believe there’s any elapsed time recording done by SketchUp itself.


I was hopeful that the information could be extracted with Ruby script. What so you think?


If SketchUp was recording the time spent, I would expect you could get that out with a Ruby script. I don’t think SketchUp is recording time spent in the first place so I don’t think there’s anything for a Ruby script to extract.