Threads for 3d printing

ARG! my phone doesnt show any of these pictures you supplied. I just logged into the desktop and now i see what you mean. See, i do not have internet anymore at the moment. so i have to use other means haha

let me read all your posts with the pics and i will reply


WOW! you really supplied alot of info with this. My phone did not show all of this. Sorry about that. I would have been more gracious in my replies.

Thank you for taking the time to show me(and the rtest of the forums) this and how it works. Whn i tried earlier this week, i got as far as the sector, but didnt know how to make it follow a helix shape without the eneroth extension.

I wouldnt even have thought of doing what you did… maybe eventually i would have but not at first haha.

Thank you again for this. It means ALOT to me!

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You’re quite welcome.

FWIW, that screw I modeled in SketchUp Shop (It could have been done in SketchUp Free just as easily) is solid and printable. All 23,584 entities of it.

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16$ to print that? i notice the material is in steel. They must be using an SLR type printer.

Thats alot of entities for a part haha. Im just glad that it can be done on the web version. There are ALOT of people wanting to know how to do this because they 3d print at home and at the moment, cant afford SU pro. So being able to make threads to spec on the web version is a HUGE blessing to them.

The kicker was the rotate and move. I had a sector drawn, but no idea how to get the small extrusion to foolow some sort of helix path.

Some great advice here … I’m going to try some of these techniques: However as the screw you want to use, is quite small … why not just use a heat insert… Here’s the Lulzbot tutorial …

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for small screws, yes i would either index them with no threads, use a threaded insert or tap/dye them. However, when making spool holder or something of that nature that has a half-inch diameter, i would 3d print them.

I have read that tutorial before and its excellent information. Thanks for posting that for the members:) and anyone that stumbles across this “thread” haha

You are doing awesome, even i found few tactics from your reviews lol.

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