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Since everything is gong well on 2017 with various extensions. But I’m still afraid about dealing with large size file by using many attractive detailed models.THE ONLY DEMAND IS “FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASTER” or try to find some new way to REDUCE the size of models~~~~


the offset tool got better in 2017 a lot but ini 2018 please make it work with island selections and also with multiple selections at once… that would be supreme…

AND … the creating components window… ok its good its there automatic but it takes always a few seconds until a component is created… the old pre 2017 shortcut method were the window would nop popup just was click and done!!!

maybe you can tune the process so that the “freeze” moment is not there when creating components with names…


And following to that: in the layer state an overview of the layers that excist in the X-ref. Now the layers are mixed with the current model. An option to have the filename in front of the layername would be nice.

A base file called “Situation.skp” with multiple layers, combine with the X-ref “Building.skp” would give a Layer state like:
Building | Layer01
Building | Layer03
Building | Layer04

This way it would be easier to define the layers that are packed with the Building.skp.


It would be nice to have a robust VCB…

One that can do calculations, and also handle variables. . . (variables that could link to a DC’s table, or some other table that houses a basic set of user defined parametric values.


I think the use would be a bit niche, but I do think the layers panel is due an update. I would instead wish for layers with the ability to group - probably just by using prefixes followed by a hyphen. Vectorworks does this, and the complex set of layers are so much more manageable with this simple feature.


Since they’re not really layers in the traditional sense anyway, I’d love it much more if they behaved like tags-- i.e. you could assign multiple tags to an object, which you currently can’t do. That would solve the need for nesting things in complicated groups just to have layer organization.

For example say you have a house modeled with all the furniture. Rather than have a chair group which is on the Chairs layer, inside the Bedroom group on a Bedrooms layer, inside the Floor 2 group on a 2nd Floor layer, you just have the chair group tagged with the Chairs, Bedroom, and 2nd Floor labels.

Update the UI for SU Pro 2020

To all,

I think the user interface could do with an update to look more, well professional looking & easier on the eye. Windows10 gave us back the Dark-side theme option, well grey/black look rather than the white bleached out look. So something along those lines would be good & more restful on the old eye-balls. :eye: :eye:

Just a thought.


Little improvement on guide lines so it works more like move tool :

  1. start your guide line
  2. enter lenght
  3. hit enter
    4. write how many copies or divisions you want (2x or /2)


You can already copy guidelines with Move/Copy and make an array of them just like you’d do with any other entity.


now you need to place guide line, them select it again, move it and only then choose copy/divide.
What I’m saying is to have it straight after placing guide line
For example I have wall and want to divide it in 5. I start guide from one wall and move it to next, then hit /5 and its done.


You said you wanted it to work like the Move tool which it already does. To make an array of copies you have to already have the original entity in place.

I know what you’re getting at. I’m just pointing out that what you asked for… [quote=“Simonas, post:32, topic:33695”]
so it works more like move tool[/quote]

…already exists.


I am not a gurú or pro in sketchup, but tools like fillet, trim and mirror would be nice. Also snap points (perpendicular, intersection). I continue beliving that trimble should be make a sketchup CAD versión for building design. someone can suggest an plugin with those tools. thanks


There are already plugins for fillet, trim and mirror. You want them as native tools?

And inference points/lines for perpendicular and intersection are already there in recent versions of SU. Do you think ‘snap points’ would work differently from inference points? If so, how?


I’ve missed having this too. Of course you can first draw the guideline, switch to move tool, grab it it, hit Ctrl, drag it onto an arbitrary point on the edge you used to create it and then enter / or * and a number but as you say it would be more convenient to just have this functionality built in to the Tape Measurement Tool.


I wish I can do FIND and REPLACE for text in Layout. I have large set of dwgs which contains many identical annotations.


Outliner for LayOut!
The arrange- options are sooo poor, i constantly get lost in my Files with this stacking, groups and layers… Or am i Just Missing something?


Better dimensioning in layout. This is a critical element that needs to work well if I am going to avoid having to move to AutoCAD to complete construction documents. My main complaint regarding dimensions is the text. If the dimension is short, the text box will cover (hide) parts of the extension line, dimension line and arrows. This makes no sense. Why does the text box have a fill to it in the first place? At least make the fill an option that can be turned off. 2) The boxes around bounded or unbounded text are too large. It would be nice if they didn’t even exist (like AutoCAD). 3) I use hash marks in place of arrows in dimensions. I would like to control the thickness and the length of the hash marks independently from each other and from all other elements in the dimension string. 4) I want my text to always (where there is room) sit quite close to the dimension line. I can “scoot” the text close to the line but when I sample it to set future dimensions to be the same, it won’t repeat - not to mention that the text box covers and hides the dimension line.


No offense, but I am not a woodworker. I am using LO to create commercial architectural construction documents. I need a higher level of flexibility with respect to LO’s handling of text and dimensions. The dimensions below are frankly unacceptable.


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in Layout if I turn off layers, they don’t appear in presentation, that’s OK. But if I export same project to PDF with same layers turned off they appear in final PDF. Can you connect these two please? I don’t want to select what layers need to be exported while I have many of them and it is not a possibility to write page numbers every time I export to PDF.

Thanx, Saša


Layout is the wrong place for controlling the layers (and camera’s). Just make all the right scenes in SketchUp and my guess is your pdf exports will be just as expected.