The outliner list jumps around when creating groups

Has anyone had this problem / figured out how to stop it from happening?
If I have a long list of components in outliner, then I highlight several of them, and group them, the list moves either up or down and I have to scroll to find where I was. I would like it to just stay where it is.

yeah, it’s alphabetical order.
right now you have components then groups then sections, and each is sorted alphabetically.

So your 3 R components when grouped are moved up in the G group section.

in the top right icon (the blue - black - white thing) you can untick “sort by name”.
I don’t remember how it sorts the, pretty sure it’s sorted by age, oldest things top, newest bottom

Thanks for the response. I messed around with it a bit and tried your suggestion if unchecking the “Sort By Name” box. I noticed that either way, with the box checked or not, Outliner builds from the bottom of the list leaving the unsorted objects listed on the top of the list. I haven’t found a ‘Don’t Sort’ option. I searched the help menus and Google to see if there are more controls but I think the developers just haven’t included much control on this feature. It’s mostly just disrupting when trying to organize the Outliner list but now at least I can predict where things move.