The best way to sync mesh data with Ruby API

Hey there.

We have developed a plugin that could sync the mesh and material data within the SketchUp application to our customized data.

The steps are simple and shown as in the following:

  1. It iterates the data of all mesh entities and gets the faces info;
  2. Convert the above data into our format.
  3. Send the converted data to our application with C++ DLL, and I use Fiddle to do that.

It works well with the small size .skp files such as those below 300M.
However, it will quickly raise the PC’s memory and slowly convert data with the large files compared with using the C API to read the .skp file directly.

1. I want to know is it the limitation of ruby language and API? In other words, the scripting language is not suitable to process big data.
2. As we have finished the coding with ruby, it will take much effort to develop that with C API. Is there a best way or code reference to do that just with Ruby?
3. If we have to change, what’s the best way to do that? I notice the SU 2019.2 and above support the Live-C-API. But our plugin has to support the version from SU 2017.

Ps: support version: SU 2017 and above; Platform: Only Windows 10
MANY THANKS if you have experience in this!