Sketchup C API

Hey guys. I have a question.
With the Sketchup C API is it possible to convert a ruby plugin implementation to C?
I was trying to do this but a lot of the ruby which I used to create the plugin in Ruby are now present in the C API.

Could you educate me. im kindof a noob in this.
Any suggestions will be appreciated

Yes, (mostly) but IF … IF you use the open model in a read only way. The C API is not a “live” API that can modify the active model object. Doing so may crash SketchUp and/or corrupt the model.

In your other post, I pointed you to a rudimentary example by the Extensibility Team that they posted on GitHub.

Be aware that here still are features that have not yet been implemented into the C API. You can browse the API issue tracker using filters to see what has been asked for and logged already …

In your other post I asked you to tell us what kind of experience you have with C and Ruby.
How much do you understand about the SKP document object model and how the SketchUp application works ?

We need to fix your starting point. (That said, a forum isn’t the best means of education, but we can point you too other means, and help you solve problems when you get stuck.)

Thanks alot, I have 6months with ruby and over 3 years with C. I was looking at the C API and as you said it seem some of the model features that are available in the Ruby APi arent yet in the C API. Like you said, the C API cannot be used to create live models within SKetchup