Texture tagging

I have to create several flooring and wall tiling textures from the tile manufacturer Johnson India, catalog for my home project. I realize that whatever texture that I create and apply to a surface is difficult to identify by clicking on it. The entity info does not show the name that I had defined for the file name and the texture definition. In addition to the 2 times that I have to enter the name, I have to create a tag and then link it to the tag for it to be identified on clicking the surface. I wish the texture menu be made more intuitive.
The topic tagging in here does not allow me to tag with texture and tag to the list.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your profile.

Share your .skp file so we can see what and how you’ve created your model.

FWIW, tags are to be applied to objects, groups and components, not to materials or raw geometry.

Thanks Dave. I use Sketchup 2021 Pro. Is there a placeholder for this in the profile?
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I realize that tags should be used for objects. How else will I do this?

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First of all, you should be using groups and/or components for the parts of your model As it is you’ve got lots of ungrouped geometry.

You could create groups for the floors or walls with the materials and give those groups tags.

ALL edges and faces should be created and remain untagged. Only groups and components get tags. Here I’ve fixed your incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 4_24_2022 , 3_59_39 PM

It’s also important to purge unused stuff from the model periodically. I did that, too.
Screenshot - 4_24_2022 , 4_00_09 PM
This reduced the file size by about 50%.

I realize that entities need to be grouped and tagged for being able to manage it. Incidentally, this model was created by the contractor. I plan to do a clean-up. For the time being, I am using the 3D geometry to apply the tile textures for the tile selections for laying on site. If I group the walls and floor, will I be able to identify the texture by clicking the surface?

You can identify the material applied to the face by looking at Entity Info when the face is selected. It will also show the area of the selected face.

If you need more you could create a group/component to contain that geometry and material and give it a suitable name. If you use LayOut you can get that information to use in labels.

Good luck with the cleanup and fixing.

To confuse you a bit more, SketchUp also has an optional Color By Tag mode.