Texture inconsistent on the same component in different locations

I was testing inside a component instance context. So no I do not think it matters.

Re, your code,
(1) please quote it correctly for the forum
(2) I cannot test as it has variables I do not know the value of. (When you post code, please post code that others can test.)
(3) Do not use weird odd numbers of segments for curves and circles. (This causes problems where cardinal points do not fall on vertices. Should use an even number that divides into 360 well, ie, 6, 8, 12, 16, 18, 36, etc.)

EDIT: Oh, and post the material if it’s not one of the distro SketchUp materials.

The main difference is that in my test, I did not make the bottom curve’s edges hidden before pushpull.
Instead, I only made the vertical inner edges of the inner curve surface hidden, after pushpull.