Applying a material to a specific Face within a Group


I have a very simple solid, a cylinder (ie. a threaded rod). I typically just apply a material to an entire group to get the effect I am looking for but in this case I would like to apply a specific material just to the face(s) that wrap around the cylinder and then at the group level I will apply my default material as normal.

Is there an easy way or algorithm to somehow grab this cylindrical face? I don’t think I’ve tried this one before since I usually apply threads to pre-configured components manually and then later load them into the model via the API.


I would filter the faces based on position using a grep.


We have just been discussing this (and painting with textures) in 2 recent threads this past week.

Ie …

… which is a continuation of …


If I apply the thread texture to the entire group I get this:

Does not meet my standards, in short it is ugly.


I would probably model this detail manually and have it loaded from file, unless the screw is parametric.

Anyhow, another approach is to paint the group as a whole and then paint only the top face with a different material. This means there are fewer material references from the geometry, and the model could be viewed as cleaner.


If you generated the screw cylinder using push-pull, you should already know the face that is the end of the screw. In that case, the idea @eneroth3 suggests will be very easy to follow because you don’t have to search or test anything. Just apply a plain texture to that one (known) face and the thread texture to the enclosing group and you are done!


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