Texture in double

Hi everyone,

I’m new on the forum (not in ketchup used since version 8), currently version 19 pro on mac.
My problem is the following: in the textures window, some of them are double or even triple.
I tried to erase them one by one, to do it by re-registering my default template, nothing to do, the duplicates come back again and again in the previous order.

I get lost in conjectures. How do I do it?

Thank you in advance for the collaboration.

Marco - Brussels

Have you tried purging a blank drawing and then re-saving that as the template?

Yes, without any result but the doubles!

Thx four your answer.


The doubled materials has been a problem on Mac for some users. It seems to be somehow related to one or more of the rendering extensions. there have been numerous threads on this in the past.

Materials that you have made in your own materials folder will come back if you delete them in a model and reopen the model. Check in this folder to see if that might be the case, and delete any that you don’t want in Finder:

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2019/SketchUp/Materials

I regularly encounter the problem.
It’s annoying when I use Opencutlist and I want to have material cutlists by material.

To clean that up, I test the textures in the project.
Then I use the Material Replacer plugin.

Thkx fort your help. I will try and we will see…

Hi everyone,

I’ve been looking for the file Colin mentioned, but it’s empty…

Capture d’écran 2020-01-19 à 12.13.53

I don’t know what to do.

If by chance someone has a great idea!

Thank you in advance.


Material consolidator plugin may help, but eventually you have to run it again. I most definitely get duplicates with transparent textures myself.

Maybe it’s a stupid bug with no real solution.
Tes for your help. I will try.