Texture color not showing up

Hi All,
I have several (pattern) texture in my library. All have a color defined. Recently, they all come into the model on monochrome (ie. various shades of grey). You can fiddle with the materials dialog box all you like, but the color never shows. All other texture (ie brick, rocks, timber) work just fine. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance to those reading this.

Can you share the .skp so we can see what you’ve got?

Two common problems:

The Face style is set to Shaded, not Shaded with texture.

The model is larger than the size of the material so the texture shows as a color instead of the texture.

Here is my std template with the colour swatches on it.Colour Test.skp (419.5 KB)

This is what I see when I open your file and do nothing else. Face style is set to Shaded with Textures.

I see the same as Dave.

One issue I see, it may not be the cause, you have you back and front faces set to the same white, this makes it very difficult to find reversed faces.

Shaded with Textures - I have this set that way, but I don’t see what your seeing.

What do you see?

As Box points out, it’s kind of goofy to have the back face colors the same and it has the potential to create problems down the road. The back faces might be your issue.
Screenshot - 5_5_2020 , 8_37_57 PM

This is what I see. All reverse faces are ‘default’.

This is my Styles Dialog.

'm going to guess you have a Graphic card issue, perhaps a driver update will correct it.
The reverse faces may not be an issue here, but many renderers do not recognise back faces and 3d printing can go nuts with bad orientation. With both set to white you have no simple way to keep your model correctly orientated.

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OK… Not sure what is meant by ‘both set to white’ but I will re-install my graphics card drivers and see if that deals with the problem. Cheers… :ok_hand:

I see the same as Dave and Box, but the thumbnail in the file is the same as you’ve shown above:

You’ve shown it in your screenshot.
The back colour should be different to the front colour.

OK… Gotcha. :slight_smile:

OK, Some success, but it’s getting weirder.

  1. Rolled back to a previous version of graphics driver
  2. Success - the green hatch is now green
  3. The others are still monochrome, but only in the model I’m working on. The test colour model is fine.
    ??? Nuts.