Text/leaders/arrows disappearing "behind" drawings in layout?

In the last month I’ve had this issue come up in Layout 5-10x. When I’m labeling a drawing (example: kitchen plan) with notes (cabinet sizes, interior features, etc) the arrows/leaders/text boxes/etc all show up on screen while I’m typing… but once I’m done they disappear. If it’s a leader/arrow pointing into the drawing with the text outside the drawing, the text will still be visible but the arrow/line will go behind the drawing and look cut off.
It’s becoming increasingly frustrating and hard to get all the content I need onto a page. Anyone have ideas or suggestions?

Possibly you are creating your text or arrows on a LayOut layer that is below the layer with your SketchUp model views.



It sounds to me as if Anssi probably got it in one. Unlike layers in SketchUp, the order of layers in LO is important. When I create a LayOut template, I make sure any layers receiving text are at the top of the list.