Templates with the Metric System

Are there no templates available, for instance "Architectural Design (meters)
Tank you
Hermann Eppler

Click the Menu button at the top left “Open Model/Preferences”
Click “New Model”
Choose “Simple Template = Meters”

I wish SU Free could use international units by default and not the local North American ones :confused: .


I’m happy with feet and inches. Divisible by three, yippee. :grin:

But inches feet, yards, miles are not easily divisible by 10 (the base of the most used number system) though 12, 16 or 60 might have some advantages due to being factorable into more factors. I doubt base 3 (too low?) or base 5280 or 1760 would be very good bases… mathematically.

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The “Imperial” system is all dead already except in Liberia, Myanmar and the U.S.A. Other countries use ISO units.


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