System themes for WebDialog and HtmlDialog



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We used to for UI::WebDialog be able to insert this into the <head> element:

<meta http-equiv="MSThemeCompatible" content="yes"/>

which would be ignored on Safari, but use the Windows theme under IE.
As Andreas says, it is also ignored for Chrome. (No big surprise.)

We’ve discussed a common theming CSS file many times in the past.

There may be examples posted in old threads. (Check SketchUcation.)

The system color names have been deprecated in the Cascading Style Sheets, Level 3 (CSS3) recommendation.

So, what to do when CSS3 is the default ?


Then it was planned to have CSS3 appearance, which was dropped, and might appear in future in CSS4 only for removing native styling.


So then the “note” is actually untrue, and we can safely still use the system color names ?


The CSS2 system colors practically still exist (but the deprecation note doesn’t make me feel sure about their future). The problem is, Chromium and many modern browsers (except currently still Firefox) are using hard-coded values. They are not anymore fed by the system theme.

Edit: This is how it looks.

That is just as good as forcing my own preferred style on my plugins’ users (or using unstyled raw widgets).
To explain that in case a reader doesn’t know, I would have to compromise between making a UI look good on my system versus on a second and a third person’s system without fanboying for a specific OS or affronting somebody.


Do you mean that Chrome will ignore my CSS if I use system color names in my stylesheet ?


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