Switching windows in Sketchup


Is there a way to set up a key command to switch between drawings (under the window menu)?


Do you mean switch between two or more instances of SketchUp?
Try … Alt+Tab


When I have more than one ketchup file open, I would like to switch between them without having to pull down the window menu.

Alt+Tab didn’t do anything.


I meant to say one sketchup file


The Windows version of SU runs as a single-document interface, meaning that any one running session of SU can open only one document at a time. Opening a second document closes the first one. (I understand the Mac OS provides a multi-document interface at the operating system level.

So in order to have two or more model files open at the same time, you have to run two or more simultaneous sessions. Just start SU while it’s already running and you’ll get a separate simultaneous session. You can keep opening additional sessions as long as system resources permit. You can switch between running sessions using Alt+Tab (a Windows hot key), as Geo pointed out. You can cut/copy and paste between SU sessions by selecting the thing to copy in Session A, pressing Ctrl-C to copy (or Ctrl-X to cut), Alt+Tab to switch sessions, and Ctrl-V to paste in Session B.



Hello randyrose, I am running SketchUp Pro 2014 on Mac OS 10.7.5 and I am able to switch between documents using the following key command: cmd + I mean (key command) plus (key)

I found this way of switching between two documents due it also works for me in Adobe Illustrator, which I discovered by accident. By the way I am using a MacBook pro with spanish keyboard.


Ups! I don’t know why, but the second key required to complete the shortcut was not displayed in my reply. If you want I can send you an image by email instead.


this is an old post, but for future reference it’s command + backtick
on a US keyboard backtick is next to the left ⇧ shift key…