Surface -> solid

I’m trying to transform the surface generated by toposhaper to a solid. Solid Inspector2 says that there is a surface border, which cannot be fixed automatically. What does this mean an how can it be fixed?

Second, what would be the easiest way of calculating the volume of the material that is removed as a consequence of stamping the surface?

Untitled.skp (176.8 KB)

Surface Borders is that red line.
Nested Instances is that orange group inside.
If you explode the orange group from inside, then that border will disappear and you will have the main group as solid.

Follow some Youtube tutorials to understand what a solid object is in SketchUp.

For the second question, watch this tutorial, Aaron explains exactly what you want to know:


Nice reply, Mihal.

If you want to use stamp command and you have a solid terrain model. You can stamp your shape into the model and subtract the volume of the new (stamped) terrain solid group from the volume of the existing terrain solid group. Always keep the existing terrain model grouped on another layer so you can use it later for revisions.

It’s never a good idea to save using the filename “Untitled”. If you start a new project and save that as “Untitled” too, then you could easily overwrite your beloved work…

@mihai.s, Thanks!