Sun up and down differs from reality

Hi forum.

I use Sketchup and Enscape for garden and building design and rely heavily on sun position through out the day and year, and I always took for granted that the sun path was correct in Sketchup, but the sun up and down differs from sun charts up to almost two hours. This of course has quite large impact on a garden design.

I’m based in Sweden where sundown goes from 03 PM in January to 10 PM in June, so maybe there is some creep in the Sketchup algorithm the further north you get. Anyway, does anyone have a solution to this problem, a plugin to adjust the sun position or some thing else?

Any help is much appreciated.

Make sure the time offset is correct for the geolocation.

In addition to setting the right geolocation, you must select the right time zone (UTC+1 for Sweden). Two hours’ difference makes me wonder if you have set it to UTC-1. Note too that there is no provision for DST.

Time is set to UTC+1. About DST, I really would have liked to have thought of that myself :slight_smile: It’s still off a bit when I set +2, but totally acceptable. I’ll let you guys know when I need advice on tying my shoes or something like that :crazy_face:

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You’ll probably need Drape for that.