SUfS vs. SketchUp Pro/Make usage Q&A

(I hope you don’t mind me making a topic as a catch-all for little questions re: how to do stuff in SUfS that you’re used to doing in regular SU.)

First Question: Is there no “Show/Hide Rest of Model” while editing groups? I’m not finding it if there is.

Two: I haven’t played with this much yet, but is there a problem with opening more than one copy of SUfS in different tabs of a browser, and can you copy and paste between them?

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After a little experimentation, I’m finding (a) yes, you can have multiple model sessions, and (b) no, you can’t paste between them. On the Mac version I’m used to copy and paste/paste in place between multiple windows open at the same time.

We have not implemented copy/paste between browser sessions, but there is no restriction against running multiple instances at the same time. At some point your browser will begin running out of memory, but where that happens will vary from setup to setup.

Good catch on the “Show/Hide Rest of Model”- looks like that got left off the Component context menu. Will see about getting that returned again soon.


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Hi @RTCool,

We don’t mind at all! In fact, we encourage this kind of discussion on the forums – so thank you for sharing your questions. Other teachers who come here looking for “how-to” or “where is?” can benefit from these types of posts, so keep 'em coming!


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There’s no “Delete Guides” option either, correct?

Is this the feature you’re looking for? It won’t delete the guides, but rather toggle their visibility.

No, not visibility, actually deleting them. Pro version is here:

It’s just a quick way to get rid of ALL Guides when they’re not needed anymore. We don’t use it often, because there are usually some you want to keep. Otherwise, I just have to instruct people to manually delete them, and when some are embedded in groups or components, more steps are involved. Not an essential command, just a time saver.

There are no Page Setup/Document Setup/Print commands as far as I can tell. I see there is Folder Icon->Download->.PNG file which can be printed with other applications, but there’s no way to print that out to a known, meaningful scale, and without Layout, there’s no way to use that pathway to scaled printout either.

Saved scenes allow to check off “Include in Animation,” but I don’t see any way to save out an animation. Am I missing it, or is it just not included as yet?

Unfortunately, rendering an animation to a video file isn’t something we’re likely going to be able to do in the web browser. Performance just isn’t there to support it. We may be able to support that as a server-side process in the future, but it will be expensive enough for us to operate that we’ll likely have to charge folks to use the feature. How are you using this in your work today?



Sure, I can see that. I wouldn’t rate the capability as critical. After showing Scenes, transition settings and the play button, I went looking for a save command and didn’t see one. You could do a quick and dirty by recording the screen with QuickTime on the Mac, I suppose. I would rate the ability to set a scale, such as 1/4"=1’ for a print out as more important, though, I’m not sure how you get that out of a web browser either.


I was wondering if SUfS allows you to save vector files such as SVG files?

Not that I know of. Just SketchUp and STL for vectored, and PNG for raster. SU Pro will export DWG and DXF but not SVG. I don’t think the PDF output is vectored Post Script either, IIRC.

At this time, no it doesn’t. How would you use an exported SVG file from SketchUp for Schools? Are you working with a laser cutter?


Yes, I am using a laser cutter. Do you have any suggestions how to use SUfS for this purpose?

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For now, your best solution is going to be an extension running in SketchUp Make (I think the BlankSlate extension would be a neat place to start…) but I’d like to be able to build something into SketchUp Free eventually. Nothing new to announce today, of course :wink:

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