SubComponent doesn't get the transform of a the parent Component instance?

I may be missing something there.

In my code, I use one or more componentInstance of a root componentDefinition and I enrich this root componentDefinition with (sub)componentsInstance. It works well but the transform doesn’t seem to be correctly managed.

When I add a new componentInstance to this root componentDefinition, the new instance doesn’t get the transform and seems added to be in global space. Color me puzzled.
Here follows the code I use:

    // Create a component instance.
    SUComponentInstanceRef instance = SU_INVALID;
    SUComponentDefinitionCreateInstance(node_definition, &instance);
    SUComponentInstanceSetName(instance, node_name.c_str());

    // Get entities of the root component.
    SUEntitiesRef entities = SU_INVALID;
    SUComponentDefinitionGetEntities(current_root_definition, &entities);

    // Add the new component instance to these entities.
    SUStringRef out_string_ref = SU_INVALID;
    SUEntitiesAddInstance(entities, instance, &out_string_ref);

ok, forget this one. Another shady part of our framework was bypassing this. My apologies.