Subcategories doesn't show up when clicking on the category


When you click on for example the SketchUp category you can see there are several subcategories. But when you click on the Developers category no subcategories are showed although there are subcategories.


They used to be visible more prominently (for example in the menu), but it caused a bit clutter. I believe it’s Jody who can tweak the visibility settings.

There was a general question about how to map the old (overlapping) tag system to disjoint subcategories. For example every SketchUp product could have its own feature suggestions, and discussions could be split up by operating system etc. That would have produced quite many categories and maybe overstrain newcomers. It would be good to have tags.


I’m not sure I see what you’re seeing Guy. It’s possible there just weren’t any posts in that category when you asked, I see there are 2 posts under Ruby API now but still none in SDK so it doesn’t appear when browsing. I just added an “about this category” topic to Developer > SketchUp SDK so it should appear when browsing. Let me know if you still run into any issues.


In an effort to keep Categories & Sub-categories somewhat simple I opted to NOT have OS specific threads. It sounds like we’re on the same track thought-wise here Aerilius, I did create “Feature Request” and “Support Issues” sub-categories under each major product. I didn’t do anything for Style Builder and am waiting to see if there is a need.