SU2024 doesn't allow saving into older SU formats. Breaks CAM workflow with VCARVE

Sketchup 2024 no longer supports saving to older SU file formats.

This is a huge issue for VCarve users who must import the SU2016 file format for vector processing/importing.

Please bring back the ability to save to older SU formats. This is a huge problem for us and could force us to move to another platform (Shaper3D/Fusion/etc.)

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There are a couple extensions that will alow saving as older versions. Search the forum here for them.

This ability has been removed but is still exposed to ruby and extensions for now. @dezmo has written an extension that can return the functionality for the present, until further changes to the API in future versions.


Thanks so much for not only confirming the issue, but pointing me to a specific instance of a workaround/fix.


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