[SU-request] add option for controlling 'use scene thumbnails' when adding Page using ruby

When adding pages using Ruby, scene thumbnails are enabled for any new page by default so you have to manually disable them again. Even if your current setting is to not use scene thumbnails,

Would be great if this minor option could be added.

This sounds like a bug to me but maybe I’m just not getting it. If scene thumbnails are disabled on a model level thumbnails shouldn’t be generated for individual scenes.

Agree - just hoping either the option gets added or the bug gets fixed

Not quite true.

Any new page that is added, takes it’s default properties from the currently selected page.
So if the current page has thumbnails switched off, then the new page will as well.

Regardless, the fact that this property is not exposed to the API is troubling.

I had recently filed a API FR for access to the model level “update thumbnails on save” property, so the page level FR should also be filed here …

Hope you’re right Dan - can’t test it at the moment - but I was quite sure it enables scene thumbnails, even if in my current scene it’s disabled. Will test it asap.

I tested SU2016. Test the newer versions if you can.

Hi Dan, I just tested with V18; ‘use scene thumbnails’ is disabled.

  • when adding a scene manually - it re-uses that setting and the new scene doesn’t have scene thumbnails
  • when adding a scene using ruby though, the new scene does use scene thumbnails. Hence my original feature request.

No doubt the request is valid. But the issue needs to be filed in the GitHub tracker (link above.)

From the UI it appears this is a model level setting. Is a setting for individual scenes?

Yes the Details (and context) menu in the Scenes Manager reflects each individual scene’s thumbnail setting. They can can be toggled separately.

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I don’t like this :frowning: .

The menu specifically says “Use Scene Thumbnails”, in plural. Also I can’t think of any other SketchUp inspector where entries in the Details menu apply only to selected items, not the whole list. Myself I have always disabled thumbnails through the progress window when they are generated.

I wonder if anyone uses thumbnails on only some scenes but not all. As I see it there are 2 major use cases. Either you use scene thumbnails because you don’t know how to disable them (or because the model is so small it doesn’t matter), or you disable thumbnails because of how much it slows down the workflow.

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