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In my models I have a few pages (scenes). Changing page I would like to change automatically model.rendering_options[“RenderMode”] which is saved to each page.
I tried with FrameChangeObserver and when percent_done == 0.0 I read rendering_options[“RenderMode”] from model and save it to the page. And when percent_done>=1.0 I read rendering_options[“RenderMode”] from page and save it to the model.
I tried set page.use_rendering_options to true and still DOES NOT WORK.

Can you tell me where can I find more information of the above?

I have to solve this problem, but I do not know idea where to look for solutions.

Thanks in advance.


I think that the documentation is now wrong. When they created styles, rendering options for pages was discontinued.

So I think you need to create a separate style for that scene. Unfortunately, styles are not totally exposed to the Ruby API.

@thomthom, can you confirm or elaborate ?


Per Scene (“Page” in the API) you have the checkbox for “Style and Fog”. And Styles include rendering options.
But as Dan mention, their API support is somewhat limited.

In the case of FrameChangeObserver I’m not sure exactly what is going on there. Are you doing an animation? Or are you using it as a means to change rendering style as the pages changes?

If the latter, then it should work if you assigned a style per page. Though, are you perhaps trying to avoid that?
(I’m wondering if the framechangeobserver might trigger your event where you set your rendering change right before it applies the page’s style.)


I think I need to add information on how styling changes during a scene-to-scene animation with respect to using a …

P.S. - @tt_su, thanks for merging my API OneBox Support pull request, they look good.


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