Strikethrough 3D text with Ruby

I made a piece of Ruby code, which marks spot height elevations of two surfaces, to be used in Layout.

Is there some way of making strikethrough 3D text? I would like to use strikethrough instead of parenthesis for the second surface.

For anyone who is interested, Ruby code follows: height.rb (1.7 KB)

Instead of adding the parentheses, you could add a single edge into the group containing the 3d text.
Find the group’s bounds…
Find the bounds max/min…
max=bb.max; min=bb.min
reset their y values to be ‘centered’…; y=ctr.y
max.y=y; min.y=y
Now add the edge…
ents2.add_line(max, min)

Any help ?

Sort of, however, the string in which I would like to have the strikethrough has two lines. How should one find the location of the middle of the second line?

You can get the ‘height’ of the text by taking the
ht = max.y - min.y
For single line text then
max.y=ht * 0.5; min.y=ht * 0.5
For two lines of text I think the ‘center’ of the bottom line of text would be
max.y=ht * 0.2; min.y=ht * 0.2
assuming that the line-spacing is ~0.25 [text=2, space=1, text=2 => 5 total]?
Play around and see…