Stretching/scaling incrementally

Hello All,

I am creating a dynamic block with many different lengths associated with it. They are all in 500 mm increments. Is there a way to constrain the length to scale in 500 mm increments only. The shortest length is 7420 mm and the longest is 150,420 mm. Thanks in advance.

‘Current’ should be able, in combination with ‘round’

Warning: you need to correct the value of current when working with metric units, because current will give inches, only.

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Thanks for the reply Mike. That’s not exactly what I’m looking for. I wasn’t descriptive enough in my OP. What I would like to do is have the user stretch the length using the scale grips. And have it snap to the nearest 500 mm increment starting at 7420 mm and ending at 150,420 mm.

Mayby by math in a DC “attached” to the scale option in DCs:

math functions
len = current -42
ceiling for 50
floor for 50
nearest (len, floor, ceiling)
smallest (15000,largest (len,700)

I took 42 from the current value (*2.54 for cm) then after the functions added it back on,
range and increments.skp (19.8 KB)


You, my friend, are awesome! There’s no way I would have figured this out. Thanks so much!