Strategies for modeling ship rigging

I mean for the ropes, I would probably use low poly cylindres (6-8 sided with smoothing could be fine) if I have to look at them from the distance - if the geometry of the rigging is more important than the geometry of the rope itself.

In a few days, I would probably try with this extension about to be released

trace simple lines, create a “low poly straight rope component” and use the extension if I understand correctly how it works. probably not compatible with 2017 though.

or manually : you need one “vertical” assembly and one “horizontal” one. if you make them components, you can then copy, rotate and scale them up so they match the rigging.

here is a crappy mockup of the manual one :

in your case, after the movement / rotation you would need to readjust and rotate each column. and once it’s done on the ground, you group it all, make it vertical, and angle it as it should.

Oh and your horizontal elements would probably need fake knots at the ends. good thing is, they would hide any position mistake :wink:

with a low poly rope (not a twisty one) it’s actually not that difficult to get an ok result, you just need to be precise when making the single elements, then it’s a matter of copying / rotating / scaling

edit : I know what I’m drawing this evening… now the rigging has piqued my curiosity. tsstsstss