STP Step format export ->When?

Squeaky wheel gets the grease… well, it’s been squeaking for almost a decade.

Okay, so when can we expect native Step (.stp) file format export?
If Google’s correct this has been a strong ask since at least 2015…

Dear Trimble,
I understand your reasons for being overly protective and wanting your customers to only use your own products, but let’s get real, that’s never going to happen. Because why else would you not implement native Step export?
My customers demand STEP files, period.

But if the solution is to use a different CAD program to convert files, well then why use Sketchup in the first place? I picked up OnShape just to convert files, but I’ve modestly started modeling with it too and I quite like it in fact.

My first love was with Sketchup but the CAD market has moved on and I feel like Sketchup is falling behind, not just because of this export limitation.

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You should tag your post as a feature request.

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Unfortunately it’s been an enhancement request for over a decade now.

Oh yeah, Sunday’s multipost.

you’ve also made your point there

well fine. But I’m going to bother anyway, because I’m a nice guy. nice but caustic. someone else might have the same question later, and they might deserve an answer. although, if they know how to search on a forum…

yeah, have you checked the search tool in this forum ? top right next to your profil icon? I don’t think so, or you would have found this thread :

So yeah, SU vanilla don’t import step files. there is an extension for that. there are extensions for everything in SU.

There are tons of file formats not readable by SU, some for licensing reasons, some for complexity reasons, some for other reasons. but I know you couldn’t care less.

edit : oh wow, just realised, it’s an IMPORTER, you want an EXPORTER, and even the dev that did the importer don’t make one.

It has to do with reasons and technical details about nurbs or other types of bowel noises.

re-edit : again, a quick search on this forum :

in this thread they give reasons and solutions to go around.

and on Setchucation