STEP file export

It would be really great to see a STEP file export developed from Sketchup. I have recently got a CNC tube cutting machine and have no way of using SketchUp to design my ideas and getting them to the program without a STEP file and I know from reading through some of the treads from other users on the forum that I am not the only one. I have started to use Fusion 360 and I don’t like it, I would much rather use Sketchup!!! HINT HINT! ::slight_smile:

Sam M

Surely your CNC machine can handle other file types besides STEP.

Hypertherm Rotary tube pro only uses STEP files.

That isn’t so cool.

I guess until a .stp exporter is added you can go through some other program. Maybe .stl to .stp would work? Here’s the first converter I found in a quick search.

the STEP format (and Acis SAT and IGES) are thought for transfering NURBSpline based surfaces and solids and not for tesseltated edges/facettes of a wireframe mesh generated by SketchUp.

tl;dr: if you need NURBS based surfaces and solids exported to the STEP format use a NURBS based surface/solid modeler.