Steps to make an 6 node (Hexagonal) Isotruss?



Seeking suggestions on best way to make a 6 node (Hexagonal) Isotruss

There is a similar Isotruss model in the 3d warehouse called “Bamboo Isotruss” - however it has eight nodes

[Bamboo Isotruss - 3d Warehouse]()

Initial thought was establish hexagon, then start up linking lines from point to point - however im not sure best method to extend past the point for “x” distance



The Bamboo Isotruss appears to be made of cubes and their sides and diagonals:

The intersection is an octagon:

Maybe you could try a similar approach with equilateral prisms:

Combine them to form a hexagon in the center:

Once you have the basic frame, you can start adding cross-braces:


This seems to get you there. I think.



Hello Gully,

How did you convert the lines into a frame of tubes in the last step?

Or anyone else got a suggestion?

There are a few apps that seem to do it - but unsure which is best - seems follow me function cant do branching lines?



TIG: Pipe Along Path v2.2

You need to register for free at SketchUcation.



Thanks for your help guys - ended up with a 6 , 8 , 10 12 node istoruss’s… . (not sure what the plural is?)



Can you attach the actual sketchup files for these models? I’d love to play with them.


Here’s the 12 node . . . Can attach the other sizes if you want. . . Cheers

isotruss v3.skp (2.9 MB)


Hmm seems Ive lost plugins when updating Sketchup version - can anyone remind me what pipe plugin I used for above? :slight_smile:

The Pipe along path doesn’t follow all complicated pipes



It could have been Lines2tubes