Stamping or numbering tool in Lay out

All these ideas are possible, it will just take a bit of organising in the dialog box to stop it getting too messy.

#1a Yeah, why not. It will be quite a few options with sorting first by top->bottom, bottom->top, left->right, right->left, plus the second sort in two directions; 8 possibilities, I think.
#1a I’m not sure what you’d call #1b with the numbers snaking up and down, but it could be done.
#2 Yes, just needs yet another text field.

Yes, it’s possible to take the component definition name and add a number after it.

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Number Components 1.0.5
Added option “Definition n” which uses the component’s definition name as the prefix, followed by the number. A component with definition name “Door” would be numbered “Door 1”, “Door 2”, etc.

Extension is now signed:

GM_NumberComponent_1_0_5.rbz (12.4 KB)


To door and window, it might be appropriate to number the same components with the same number.
For example, all “Door 80” components would have the same number.
I do not know if I was clear.
Congratulations on your skill, and thank you.

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Is it in 3D warehouse and Sketchucation? It should be publicly available as it’s very very useful!

I see what you mean, just stamp the definition name without numbering each instance selected. This could be useful, but it would break the name of the extension as it wouldn’t be doing any numbering!

Thanks. I mean to do that soon. I only got my Extension Warehouse account 2 days ago after a long wait. I wouldn’t have been able to publish them there when this thread started, but I can try now.

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Why don’t you try Sketchucation extwnsion store too. It’s the place where most plugin developers grew from.

Ah… Would it be possible to adapt it to numbering faces. I’d use it to count steps on stairs that I didn’t model as components.

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Me too, at least for now.

Number Components is now available for free on the Extension Warehouse.

Note that the version number has gone back to 1.0.0 even though it is newer than all the versions posted in this thread.

Demo video on youtube:

I’ve added more features since the last version posted here. Most of the numbering direction suggestions have been added, except @Syl’s snake up and down one.

Use Numbering “Definition only (no numbering)”

Thanks to everyone here for the ideas!


Their ability is very promising.
Who knows in another plugin …
Instead of the number, could it be the area of multi-selected faces? Like the rooms of a house, for example?

That is a tough one for areas of a house. Rarely you have a face in the model that represents them as floors might be split for different materials or some wardrobes.

So what I do is create a group in my sectioncutface that has all area shapes as I want them and I show/hide it through layer system.

Then I retrieve areas from Layout’s Autotext Label tool.

Nice Mc Gordon,

This is great. I will be on the look out for the “snaking up” option. In the mean time, I will be using the “Flip Along” option. Flipping groups on a line or column and then re-flipping each number individually! Done with the help of keyboard shortcut is still a lot faster than numbering one by one!

Thanks again

The “snaking” up and down option has been added. Set “Flip Alternate Rows” to “Yes” to get numbering like this:

Version 1.0.1 is available now on the extension warehouse:

If you’re updating from the previous version, restart SketchUp after updating to access the new version.

It’s a little bit faster too.


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