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Summer vibes :sunny:
Starting the season with my own gallery thread, to gather my future work and look back on the old, to always improve my eye for better visualization.

I’m and architectural illustrator, graphics designer and the Latvian SketchUp Guy - leading sales, marketing and training.

Working with SketchUp, V-ray and Affinity Photo for all my renders and post work.

Clay render:


Nice view. Like the fog and addition of the clay render. Where are your plants from? Cosmos?

Yes, fog, DOF and lens effects is a great way to hide lazy modeling. :slight_smile:
Assets from Cosmos.
I used to use Skatter + Laubwerk a lot, but with V-ray’s addition of Cosmos and Skatter tools, I have been relying on them a lot less.

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This scene I rendered yesterday compactly exhausted all RAM, when trying to render with RTX 3800. Tried to render all foreground and background grass with V-ray Fur. Using lawn grass Cosmos models seems to work better.


Absolutely love your work - well done :+1:

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Excellent work ! I’m assuming the vegetation are V-Ray assets ?

Yes, from Cosmos.
Some months ago I tried to count the size of assets provided from it - was more than 30GB. That seems quite a good value people get with V-ray subscription. And Chaos keeps adding more.

Wow. Excellent. ALL background grass!?

To be more precise:

  1. Hardscape
  2. Lawn - short fur + some flowers
  3. Tall grass - fur + weeds and other plants
  4. Background - just a texture
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