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Summer vibes :sunny:
Starting the season with my own gallery thread, to gather my future work and look back on the old, to always improve my eye for better visualization.

I’m and architectural illustrator, graphics designer and the Latvian SketchUp Guy - leading sales, marketing and training.

Working with SketchUp, V-ray and Affinity Photo for all my renders and post work.

Clay render:


Nice view. Like the fog and addition of the clay render. Where are your plants from? Cosmos?

Yes, fog, DOF and lens effects is a great way to hide lazy modeling. :slight_smile:
Assets from Cosmos.
I used to use Skatter + Laubwerk a lot, but with V-ray’s addition of Cosmos and Skatter tools, I have been relying on them a lot less.

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This scene I rendered yesterday compactly exhausted all RAM, when trying to render with RTX 3800. Tried to render all foreground and background grass with V-ray Fur. Using lawn grass Cosmos models seems to work better.


Absolutely love your work - well done :+1:

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Excellent work ! I’m assuming the vegetation are V-Ray assets ?

Yes, from Cosmos.
Some months ago I tried to count the size of assets provided from it - was more than 30GB. That seems quite a good value people get with V-ray subscription. And Chaos keeps adding more.

Wow. Excellent. ALL background grass!?

To be more precise:

  1. Hardscape
  2. Lawn - short fur + some flowers
  3. Tall grass - fur + weeds and other plants
  4. Background - just a texture

Here is an ad I made for Black Friday. All drawn in SketchUp and rendered with V-ray.


Seasons greetings to all!

This is a video I made for our Association “City for People”
Text says: “May your bright thoughts become bright works”.

Rendered with V-ray. Tried to make the dirty winter road with V-ray Decals - dark on the snow and light - inverted version on the asphalt.


This year has started with an upgrade to our training center visual materials, starting with our 3 day course - SketchUp for Landscape architecture.

As usual - SketchUp and V-ray. Only used V-ray fur for the grass.


This week I’m releasing an AutoCAD online video training course. As a bonus it also includes workflow with SketchUp Pro. These are the graphics I made today for advertisements and for the course page.

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Tried somethnig new - using a digital background for chroma key composite video.Tried to set up the scene to match my light setup. Recorded in 4K quality, but the result was actually too sharp, that brought out a lot of moire effect, so blurred the video. For trainings I record at 720p, as that seems to actually look better.

Couldn’t figure out how to match the computer screeen perspective, without using fusion in Davinci Resolve, so left it at that.


Picked up a great illustrative book about early medieval life in the territory of Latvia and started modelling from historical reconstructions. These models will be useful for future projects, but for now - a good material to learn from.

I’ll be combining them in a few illustrations. First one shows basic buildings for living, without any facade or roof treatment.


Illustration for SketchUp trainings. Had room to ad the old moto - 3D katram (3D for everyone), that is still the one I love the most.


Testing a new exterior setup with V-ray.


Here is the second iteration, also adding graphics to advertise upcoming SketchUp Studio courses.

Added Clay render and SketchUp output.


New set of diorama style visualisation of early medieval Latvian architecture.


Home office visualisation. Assets from Chaos Cosmos. Most time was spent on modeling the chandelier. Tried to light the scene with mostly natural light.