Some sort of way to explode down to a minimum solid

So I have a little issue when importing IFC files, they are so heavy, mainly because they are very deep grouped (some objects are grouped 10+ times). Even the simple and small model takes 1+ GB wheres it should take 10 MB. So i wonder if there is any way (script or plugin) to explode everything down to a minimum of 1 group/component ?

S4U Explode v3.0.1

The thing is, I want to explode down the multi-group to minimum group. Say I have one box that is grouped 5 times and the other box that is grouped 10 times and i want to explode them both down to 1 group.

And did you watch the video tutorial, did you test the plugin?

Yes, but if there are groups inside other groups, they just get merged. Is there a way to avoid this ?
Regardless this will cut down the workaround time by half, thanks :slight_smile:

I am afraid exploding groups will not bring the file size or entity count down by a meaningful amount.

Every object is a unique component, therefore, even if you have 5 equally sized windows, you still end up with 5x4=20 mullions definitions, whereas in SketchUp, it could be just two definitions with flipped and other positioned instances.
The generating of thumbnails of each unique component causes the largest filebloat.

Maybe a quicker method of getting rid of unused ‘nesting’ is the outliner, where you can drag the contents out of the parents.