Solar North with SUp 2022?

So I read that SN works in 2022, but I get this message trying to download it.

am I out of luck with this plugin using windows 10?

The compatibility is set by the author of each extension, not by the EW or by any automated test. It is quite common that authors don’t get around to revising the list until some time much after a new release of SketchUp is released. Though this is a bit sloppy for an extension published by the SketchUp team themselves!

Go ahead and install it anyway and then test to see whether you get an issue. If there is a problem you can always uninstall it.

It works with 2022. It seems that even the SketchUp Team is not always up to date in updating their web pages and extension info.

yeah it works just fine in 2022 so far, thanks for the encouragement guys!