So, the expected other shoe drops. Classic license is discontinued?

You could install SketchUp Make from 2017. (loose your special tools of course…)

And lose your right to use it for your work.


Right! I forgot you do this for work! I just play …

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I am pretty amazed that so many of you (in this thread) seem to pick an every day design tool based on, well … other facts than the richness of features and ease of use that a product brings you (= joy).

Bringing in Blender as an alternative really, I cannot other than interprete this as cost being the biggest factor of choice. And what cost are we talking about in a SketchUp subscription anyway, 25$ a month?

There is SketchUp Free for non-commercial use.

I believe in Subscription as a clear and healthy business model. Because, how perpetual is perpetual in the end?

Let your Maintenance lapse for 3 years and you are in the same boat as what this thread started about. Have an old AutoCAD ‘perpetual’ license? Sorry, no longer able to activate. Upgraded your OS? Sorry, current version incompatible (and take note: application vendor is not to blame for this yet it will 100% be your future).

So yes, you better stay up to date and supported. Subscription is a good model to give you exactly this. In the longer end, yes it is more expensive. But for the sake of credibility I do hope that $300/yr stays $300, for a long time.

You want to stay with a perpetual? That’s fine but don’t change anything about your then-current system.

It is a gamble. Stop paying the subscription fee (~$300/year), and you lose the ability to run SketchUp Pro within one year (annual subscription period, if I recall correctly). With the Classic perpetual license, stop paying for Maintenance & Support (~$120/year) and you might lose the ability to run SketchUp Pro (due to O/S compatibility) in a few years? 5? 10?

Granted that the more-expensive subscription plan provides access to more software features (viewer and such, if I recall correctly). If you need those features, then perhaps the 2.5X cost of the subscription plan is worth it, despite the quicker “death” when you stop paying.