So, the expected other shoe drops. Classic license is discontinued?

This message was part of an email to me from an address. It is signed:

Sales Representative
Trimble Buildings Division
SketchUp / Sefaira

I’m choosing not to post the personal identity of the sender here, they may just be the messenger and don’t deserve to be attacked for doing their unpopular job.

The message says that this will be the last year of Classic support/maintenance available to purchase, implying the change will happen in the next cycle, which technically is over a year away. I agree that, while I expected this announcement at some point, I expected it to be in a more public format. That’s why I created this topic, because I initially assumed every user had received the same email as I did.

Well, we don’t know. That’s the problem with this ambiguous un-official method of informing users. This employee may have misspoken, they may be erroneously informed, they may be exaggerating the possibility to encourage me to purchase a subscription (they are in sales). This may be a blabbed secret or it may be part of a strategy to leak the information slowly. Without a public announcement or clarification here on the forum it’s very difficult to know what to make of this. I will say that if this was not intended to be public, then it was naive to have sent a personal email with information this important without explanation to a long standing classic license holder and active community member like myself.


Excerpt from this thread

If it’s not true, the employee wrote this to you as a sales tactic to get you to subscribe, that is bad business and probably would be considered bad conduct on their part.

If the employee leaked a secret, it’s equally bad for them. And true.

It just seems utterly implausible that they would fabricate this in an email to you. Most likely it’s true and this is proof. Just my opinion.

I don’t disagree with you @monospaced, it’s not an encouraging development. I’m just trying to keep an open mind until we see some clarification on this subject in a more public format. Let’s hope that happens soon.


Well, we have now a 3 day delay in a response re clarification. Smells fishy to me… I ponied up to renew my classic license maintenance. I wonder how many small players like me are out there for whom this is a lot of dough. I have people in my life who work in tech and the money they make is impressive. I’m a nuts and bolts guy who has to look my customer in the eye and tell them what it will cost to build something. Two worlds. With Covid, a lot of work for people like me has dried up. I wonder who Trimble wants to include in their effort going forward- maybe that’s what this comes down to. C’mon guys- I know you’re looking… Any comment?


I’ll be renewing my maintenance and support until such time as it is no longer available for renewal.

I don’t do subscription software, and that’s that. If SketchUp becomes subscription only then it can sail off into the sunset, I’ll have my last perpetual licence version, and have it backed up properly.

I just hope that the last version I have doesn’t have somehow reverted code type of sloppy errors in it, or newly introduced bugs.


The sky is falling, THE SKY IS FALLING!!! Or so she said.

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issues are likely to arise in the area of operating system support (especially macOS => termination of OGL support w/ v10.16?) as well as the usage of developing SU online services (Warehouses, Geo Location).

Seeing that there are people still running SU8 I’m a little less perturbed by that potential problem.

that’s from chicken little, right?

You are so right.

I have tried to avoid any tone of panic in my posts on this thread. It is certainly not my intention to fear monger. I initially crated the topic because I assumed that other license holders received the same email I did concerning the renewal of maintenance and support and I was hoping for clarity or commiseration. I’ll stick to the facts:

  1. I received an email from Trimble/Sketchup regarding my annual maintenance and support which is due in 25 days. This email stated, “You are certainly welcome to maintain your perpetual "Classic” license, but this is likely the last year that option will be available.”

  2. A SketchUp team member has since edited the content of my original post , to remove the dollar amounts from the text of the quoted email, without further explanation.

  3. Despite @colin s helpful effort to draw the attention of the appropriate Sketchup Team Members to this thread, there has been no comment so far.

I sincerely hope that this is all a confusing misunderstanding and that any concern is unwarranted. I eagerly await any communication to that effect.

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It might be worth considering that those team members who participate on the forum may not be at liberty to comment. It may be similar to the way they are prohibited from talking about future plans for features. Their silence should not be construed as meaning anything.


Personally I think the edit @jody did to the OP was uncalled for and just seems sneaky. In a case like that I would expect some communication to be exchanged as to the reason for the edit, it’s not like they are posting information that wasn’t communicated already (or divulging some company secret or features).


I’m in a somewhat similar boat as @openhand. I started on a drafting board doing residential design, began using Google SketchUp as a supplement and then moved to Pro which is now 98% of my drawing. My design work is only part of my income (definitely reduced these days) and I can not justify the added expense of a subscription. In addition I live in an area with very poor internet. I renewed my classic license at the end of March. I know the writing is on the wall, but I won’t be moving to a subscription. I’ll be using 2020 for as long as I can then move to something else. I would not be surprised if Blender fills in the hole eventually…


launching is maybe not a problem but running in the sense of using a SU8 version under a recent macOS should already lead to several issues (color picker / list control sort) whereas accessing the warehouses as well as geolocation should already cease to work under both platforms.

I am retired and use my sketchUp as I need it. I have been using it pro since it was version 6 I believe. I simply cannot believe they are ending My License for some darn Subscription. I have spent a LOT of money over the years on extensions. And I just renewed my Maintenance plan for another year. Is there Anyone from Trimble that is monitoring these Posts? If so, Are you going to let us know WTH is going on so we can plan for the future? I still have my AutoCAD and Revit And all the other AutoDesk stuff to use as well. Give us an IDEA of what to expect! I will simply stop and you will lose another customer, AutoDesk another customer who bought the Pro thinking Trimble and Google were honest. Now this? WTH???


@bluerocco I feel you w.r.t. longstanding loyalty and extensions. Unfortunately there will be no indication from Trimble / SketchUp, it’s against policies. They’re not in the least perturbed about losing customers, to them we’re like fish in a barrel - always more to replace the ones lost. Some persons or their teams seem to be rather inept (or just don’t give a d@mn): code regressions, web page functions that can’t be fixed 3 months down the line, new bugs in maintenance versions, development going at a snail’s pace. Yet I still love and use the software, loyalty you know…


Also retired, I’ve been using SketchUp for a decade. Google went from Don’t be Evil to making robot killing machines and mass surveillance, while Trimble took the SketchUp-Free-Forever promise and gave us a fantastic, reliable product in SketchUp 2017. I’d dearly love to buy SketchUp, but that depends on me finishing my design and finding people who want to give me money. Like you, I only part up with money if I end up owning something that doesn’t slowly disappear. If Trimble don’t have an endless series of fancy knobs and whistles to add to their software, they have to find some other way of dealing with a potentially declining income stream. As I have said before, Trimble have been really tremendous for people in my position. What they might do is keep SketchUp Make, but bury it ever deeper in the website until eventually Bill Gates destroys it. But whatever they do, I cannot say other than they have done me proud for many a year. If it all goes South, I cannot bear any grudge, as I am the only person responsible for spending ten years on my great idea with fabulous free resources at my disposal, and never reaching the finishing tape. Whatever they do, Trimble have my utmost appreciation and gratitude and best wishes in charting the best way forward in the shifting sands of the drafting software market place. As the adage goes, You can’t do good business with bad people, so I’d go to the wall hand in hand with people like Zoho and Trimble rather than deal with the stinking scumbags who destroy our wonderful internet and everything else they get their filthy greedy hooks into. Don’t panic, we’re in good hands. Trimble forever.

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You could install SketchUp Make from 2017. (loose your special tools of course…)