Snow room for sketchup model


Okay so I have this beautiful image of a snow room and I would like to build something similar on sketchup. I was just wondering how would i get a room to look like this if rendered? Would I use the materials on the floor to get that fake snow look and rock material on the walls? The top image is the room I have to work with and I’m not entirely sure how I can get this exact feel in this room. Would anyone have any suggestions or things I can do to make this room look like the snow room picture below?



SketchUp is not an organic modelling tool, rather a sketching tool (and film set designers would use it to create a rough sketch of a snow room, but produce the photo-realistic version with a real camera).

  • Create each item in a group so they don’t stick together and you can rearrange them later.
  • Create rough volumes of the rocks and ice blocks, for example using the sequential pushpull & distort method (create a polygon, pushpull it, scale/move/rotate/distort the upper face, pushpull it again…)
  • Use Artisan for SketchUp to subdivide geometry and make it organic.
  • Use Fractal Terrain Eroder to make the geometry rough.

The challenge in this approach is to achieve a natural result, because the above procedure does not involve gravity or physical simulation.

And then comes the rendering (ice is translucent) and post processing (that the above image obviously has).

By the way, Google Zürich has an “arctic” floor. But I imagine, a job interview in an ice room is not so pleasant…


Yep i know infact this room is actually an escape room concept game where by people are put to the test in this obstacle course playground. Okay so over here I took a picture of the wall and drew all kinds of polygon on it and I am push pulling them outwards to random distances each. Is this the method you were talking about? then I click on the surface and use subdivide and smooth? Thanks for the ideas. P.S I did look at google zurich flooring and its wonderful! I definitely would want to know what material they used to give that impression of a floor since this idea is pretty much identical in a certain way.


Here’s a quick test using just Artisan and VRAY. Color corrections done in VRAY (see sliders) so no post. Obviously textures on rocks need work and more detail added but it shows the possibilities without too much work.


woah that is awesome how did u get those shapes on the walls? did u just draw walls and subdivide smooth or you drew polygons as I did? also for the snow texture I’m guessing you used an image of actual snow? Hmmm Vray is nice been recommended to me by several people but I am using podium atm sadly. Thanks for the images really helps clarify!


I’ll upload a gif showing how to use Artisan to push and pull wall subdivisions…you can use native sandbox tools but not as quick or intuitive in my opinion.

Snow texture found online. For VRAY, textures are called .vismats or .vrmats. There’s loads of free libraries online.


So using artisan, just group the inside of your walls separately from the outside. Then subdivide several times. Then ‘smoove’ or ‘sculpt’ as it’s called in Artisan. Then do same for floor group.


Okay thanks I also have this problem with my rock wall since its one piece I can’t select the top portion of it. Is there any easy way where I can get the top portion of this rock without having to retrace it? I tried that several times and it didnt really work according to plan. I also tried to do intersect faces but that didnt work either. Its because I’m making a rocky like structure come above this rock climbing wall and i wanted to copy the top surface so I would just build it on top.


take a Section Plane slice and use it to fix the top, and start the extension from…



would it be possible to show an example of this? So i made a copy of the rock and now I want to curviloft it into the restaurant that i’m building above. I will use artisan and erode for that but I just wanted to know how i can eliminate everything under the section plane so I’m left with the top face of this structure.


post a skp of the column and others can help…



I’m trying to upload it but it says the file is too big… its only 3.02mb i put it on a separate file and saved just those 2 components. Any way I can decrease the size of the file so I can upload?


Try going to Model Info - Statistics - and clicking Purge Unused.


Steven - aren’t these last series of posts related to another thread of yours? Would best to move there as mixing climbing walls and snow rooms may be confusing to some :wink:


Use the soften/smooth edges box to give the top face a complete border, then you should hopefully be able to select it.