Smoothing out curves

BottleTop.skp (1.6 MB)

Hey Everyone,

Can a models curves be smoothed out to not look like jagged edges?

In the attached file is the top of a bottle/shaker but as you will see its very sharp edged and should really be a smooth curve all the way around. Can the model in the file be smoothed?

I received a 3D model from an external agency in a .FBX file which I then imported into sketchup.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!



You could use some different extensions to further subdivide and smooth the surfaces. SubD would be one to look at. I’d suggest scaling up by a factor of 1000 before doing so to avoid the tiny face issue.

How will you use the model once you have it smoothed out? If it’s for 3D printing, it isn’t printable as is since the surfaces have no thickness.

SUbD as Dave suggests would give you this.

Thanks for the help guys, all sorted now.